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Antique Cars are amazing to own, to drive, and even to fix up as a hobby.  They can be a real passion for some who collect them.  For those that are new to the antique market the rules for when you can drive and even the insurance are a bit different then regular cars that we own.

Not sure if your car is an antique?  The definition of an antique car is as follows: Under MA antique license plate rules, an antique vehicle is a car manufactured at least 25 years ago, which is maintained for use in exhibitions, parades and other public events.

So what are the rules?  The DMV online has all the rules and regulations on their website and you can always contact any of our account managers with and questions Monday – Friday.  Lets start with the registration process.

Steps in the Massachusetts Registration Process

When obtaining Massachusetts antique car tags, you may be required to submit an application form along with a certification and affidavit confirming your vehicle’s age and purpose. Note that you may even request a year-of-manufacture plate, which is a type of registration plate issued in the exact year of manufacture of your antique ride, only if you prove eligible for the procedure. Unlike the process of applying for vintage license plates, the procedure for registering a custom car in MA will require you to complete the following steps:

  • Fill out and submit an RMV-1 form.
  • Present a completed Application for Replacement of Vehicle Identification Number with the assigned vin number included in the form (if applicable).
  • Submit the previous certificate of title.

Fees to Register an Antique Vehicle in Massachusetts

Arranging payment for custom or Massachusetts antique vehicle registration fees is generally necessary to finalize the registration procedure. Prices may vary depending on the type of vehicle motorists wish to register. For instance, drivers requesting an antique car registration may need to provide payment for a $30 registration fee and a $20 special price. Since fees are subject to change without notice, contact our account managers at Farquhar and Black to inquire about the exact cost pertaining to your case.

Cars that qualify

  • Classic Cars
  • Hot Rods
  • Antique Cars
  • Modified Cars
  • Street Rods
  • Exotic Cars
  • Lowrider
  • Classic Motorcycles

Rules to follow

You may want to drive your hot rod around all day every day.  Hey you own it you want to drive it.  And which that is true there are a few rules to follow when it comes to hitting the road.  You can drive your car:

  • Holidays
  • Parades
  • Weekends


Your collectible car needs to be and must be stored inside in a secure locked garage or structure. The following are storage facilities that qualify; a barn, your residential garage, or a secure rental storage unit.  If you have any questions if your structure qualifies please ask!

Another rule that is pretty self explanatory but we will mention it, there is absolutely no racing in your antique or classic car.  Though it seems fun most policies will not cover damage done due to racing.


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