Rain Rain Go AWAY!

Well its pretty clear to see that we have had the rainiest summer in years, actually since 1938!  It seems like every other day its raining if not every day.  […]

Thanksgiving in 2020

The start to our holiday season is just a week away and things feel a little different these days.  The normalcy of the hustle and bustle seems to go out […]


To say we have experienced big changes during 2020 is a bit of understatement!  Farquhar & Black is constantly finding better ways to make working during the “New Normal” easier […]

Home Inspections after winter

It’s here!  It’s March!  And that means hopefully with fingers crossed the cold winter is actually behind us.  We have been extremely lucky this year with the snow totals being […]

Insurance terms explained

Do you ever feel like sometimes when your insurance policy comes in the mail you need to break out the Webster’s dictionary to understand it?    Some of these terms […]

Carbon Monoxide 101

Though carbon monoxide poisoning can happen through out the entire year, it tends to be be more common in the winter months.  Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas […]