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Discounts are everywhere.  And sometimes they come to you and other times you need to go looking for them.  I have blogged in the past about getting discounts on your home and auto policy.  Lets dig a little deeper with the discounts that you can get on your auto policy to give you the biggest savings.  And these savings might just be hiding right under your nose

The Department of Motor Vehicles has come out with three different categories of insurance discounts. I will explain these below, so you can be better informed as you receive your car insurance quotes.

Driver Discounts

Many insurance companies will offer discounts on your auto policy just on your driving alone.  It could be as simple as your driving history, student status, professional organizations, age, and how and when you use your cars.

Common Driver Discounts according the the include:

  • Good driver/claim-free – Drivers with a safe driving history free of accident claims will have a great chance of obtaining discounted rates (3 consecutive years).
  • Good student – Many car insurance companies offer discounts for:
    • Being a good student (typically, this means having a B average or higher).
    • Recently graduating.
  • Auto club – Some car insurance providers give reduced rates to drivers who get roadside assistance from an auto club like AAA.
  • Professional organization – Being a member of certain professional groups may save you money on car insurance.
  • Low-risk occupation – Many car insurance companies offer savings for certain professions that have lower rates of accidents and claims by drivers in those jobs.
  • Driver training – You may be able to lower your premium by completing a(n):
    • Accredited driver’s education course for new drivers.
    • Defensive driving course.
      • This option is generally offered to senior drivers.
  • Low-mileage – Many companies will offer a significant discount for drivers whose mileage falls under a certain cap.

Vehicle Discounts

Did you ever think that the type of car you a driving or looking to buy could save you money on your insurance?  Some insurance companies will reward you big time on having features in or on your car that reduce their risk.  The ultimately can save you in the end by sometimes offering you a break in your premium. lists vehicle features that will reduce risk as the following:

  • Safety equipment – Having certain devices installed in your vehicle can earn you savings. Some of the more common discounts are for:
    • Passive restraint – This refers to automatic seatbelts that fasten without you having to do anything.
    • Anti-lock brakes.
    • Airbags.
    • Anti-theft protection device.
  • Alternative fuel – Having a car that takes alternative fuel may get you some savings, based on your insurance company.
  • Hybrid vehicle.
  • New car.

Policy Discounts

Certain factors that don’t directly affect you as a driver, or the risk factor of your car, can still affect the premium of your policy.  These factors will ideally help us write your auto policy easier and insurance companies are more likely to give you incentives for discounts on your premium.

  • Multi-vehicle – You can save money by insuring multiple vehicles on one policy.
  • Full payment – If you pay your entire premium up front, you may get a discount for doing so.
  • Renewal/customer loyalty – Insurance companies like loyalty. Continuing to renew year after year can save you money.
  • Bundling – You can often get a reduced car insurance premium by combining multiple policies, like homeowner’s and car insurance.
  • Homeowner’s – You can often get a discount for owning a qualified home.

There are so many ways to save money on your insurance policy.  Again we know that you might not qualify for all of these offers but we bet you qualify for one or two.  Call us today and speak to any of our knowledgable account managers to get your quote started.  You can all start the process online by going to and follow the simple steps on our quote page and we will call you!!

Always know that we are have your best interest in saving you money!

*Always check with our account managers if you qualify for any of these discounts or if the car insurance company that you are currently with carries any of these discounts*

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