Thanksgiving in 2020

The start to our holiday season is just a week away and things feel a little different these days.  The normalcy of the hustle and bustle seems to go out the window when we are living in 2020.  But just because we aren’t celebrating the “normal” holiday this year does not mean we can’t make it fun.

Thanksgiving is absolutely going to look different.  Though we can’t have that 40 plus for dinner anymore or head to the morning town rival football game we can still try and make this day as “normal” as possible.  So most likely you are only entertaining your immediate family this year or maybe you are alone but there are ways to make this holiday special and festive.  Here are just a few ideas we found from Good Housekeeping:

Watch the Thanksgiving Parade  

Yes its still happening!  Why not turn the tv on and watch it virtually.  New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be held virtually without a crowd.  Let’s just hope this is a once in life time event that we won’t want to miss.



Decorate for the season 

Just because no one may see it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  Decorating for the holidays makes us feel good about the season.  So don’t skip on this tradition if this is something that you do every year.




Get outside

Depending on your weather, bundle up and get outside.  Go on a family walk or bike ride and enjoy the outdoors.  Use this time to set up a fun family  scavenger hunt in the neighborhood!




Get everyone cooking

Sometimes having a ton of family over for the holidays can be super stressful.  Now that there only maybe a handful of you at the dinner table this year why not get everyone in the kitchen helping!  This is great way to make everyone feel included on this somewhat different holiday this year.



Host a virtual cocktail party

By now we are all pro’s at the zoom parties.  So instead of going the holiday’s without seeing our friends and families have a party!  A virtual one that is!  Grab some wine and fun game and catch up.  Bonus is no one is driving home!




Make a Turkey on the table

This has to be my favorite so far.  Here’s a cute tradition that doubles as a centerpiece: Turkey on the Table. This book and activity kit encourages kids to brainstorm and write down everything they’re thankful for.  Plus, the company has a partnership with Feeding America, which means that for every Turkey on the Table it sells, it’ll donate 10 meals to someone in need.  And you can get it right on Amazon! 


We know that there is so much more we can do – but staying safe and keeping our loved ones safe is the most important.  Make sure to share your ideas that you did during your holidays!

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