Memorial Day Fun

This is the weekend we have been waiting for all winter.  Memorial Day weekend is approaching and so is (fingers crossed) the beginning of summer.  With temperatures in the 70’s […]

Boating Safety

Although it doesn’t seem like it, summer is right around the corner.  Even better the beginning of boating season is just a couple of weeks away with Memorial Day Weekend. […]

Home Inspections

You have just had your offer accepted on this long journey of shopping for a new home.  You and your partner are so excited but now comes the home inspection. […]

We have an app for that

We live in a world when we can access anything right from our smartphone.  Want to pay your babysitter but don’t have cash?  You can Venmo her.  Need to go […]

Water damage, is it covered?

Water damage is a phrase that home owners dread the most.  Heavy rains, storms during high tides, or snow melting can make thousands of dollars in damage in the matter […]