Have a Teen Driver?

Teen Drivers Keeping You Up Nights? We know the sticker shock that occurs when you add a teen driver to your policy.  The cost to add a new driver to […]

Don’t be a distracted driver

Chances are you are running out the door coffee in hand, bagel in your mouth, and kids in tow.  You have to make it to two different school drop-offs by […]

Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday travel comes around every year.  Some of us absolutely dread the thought of packing up the entire car, the kids, and even the dog to drive 4 hours in […]

Turkey Frying Safety Tips

There are plenty of great reasons to fry your turkey.  Do it right you’ll end up with a beautiful golden brown bird, with crispy skin and juicy white meat.  There […]

Autumn Home Maintenance

Is it me or is it all of sudden the clock strikes 12:01 on November 1st and almost every single leaf has fallen to the ground.  Leave bags are becoming […]

Halloween Safety and Scary Candy Facts

Some Halloween Safety Tips and Scary Candy Facts! I just eat those tiny fun size candy bars!  No problem…right?  I was wandering around the web and found some scary candy facts […]